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Ok so you more than likely know the drill of the table chores, right? After every meal everyone picks a duty to assist in cleaning up after the meal. There is clearing the table, wiping the table, and sweeping under the table and also loading the dishwasher and refridgerator.

I use to try to schedule it out to help spice it up a little, kill the monotony of doing the same chore after every meal. Now I don’t have to think about it anymore and assign chores to each child, now they very willingly and joyfully for the most part cast their table chore lots.

They are brillant in the fact that they really do work for me!

Nothing special. Just paper, Microsoft Word, scissors, and laminator.

Pay no attention to them being upside down, I wasn’t paying attention.

 They really do appear to enjoy them.

…which makes this mama very happy.

I love taking an everyday chore and making it fun for them. It helps the home run more effectively and peacefully when I can.

Kai did request that I put in a blank one or one that says play, a kind of wild card. That would be fun but it wouldn’t be very effective or peaceful for the other 2.

How do you do “table chores” at your house?

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It is another Works for Me Wednesday and again I am running a little late on getting my post up! It is The Great Parenting Advice edition! Wow, I can not wait to dig into to all of the wonderful parenting advice later tonight and I just might have to share my favorites. For me something that I can share for this edition is on something that I just found the works for me. As I have shared before Butterfly, my now 4 1/2 month old has had a difficult time with naps and night time sleeping. I know that I set some bad habits during the colic times and now am having to pay for them. At naps I want her to just drift off to sleep on her own with out me having to rock her or feed her and at night I would like it if she would sleep for more than 2-3 hours with out needing something to drink :0). Well, while I was reading my book The No cry, Sleep Solution, Pantley mentioned something that I immediately realized I was doing. Something called sleep associations. Every night in order for her to go to sleep for the night she would insist on eat sleeping, which I allowed because it is what was working but after understanding that doing this was hindering her from being able to fall back to sleep at night on her own because she thought that she had to eat in order to go to sleep, I knew I had to change it. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not but after about 10 days, which is how long Pantley said it would be, she has begun to sleep throught the night and even her naps have been affected by it.

Every night when she would want to eat sleep it was suggested that I take her off when she began to fall asleep until she eventually fell asleep on her own with out having to eat. This meant doing it over and over again and it also meant that I COULD NOT fall asleep during the middle of the night feedings! That. was. hard. but I did it and we got through it and now she is sleeping from around 8:00-11:00 and then from then until 7:00. Some nights are different but there is always a long stretch between the feedings and that definetly works for this mother of 3! I am working on that 11:00 feeding :0)

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My house was always a mess (and sometimes still is :0) and I couldn’t seem to keep up with it. I would crawl into bed each night extremely overwhelmed with all of the chaos crying and whining to my poor husband who listened sympathetically to my yada yada, blah blah blah. Seriously when I say cry I mean: cry. I just couldn’t handle it. I would whine about how I can not clean up after everyone all day long. I just can’t do it, it is to much. I would end up trying to lay part of the burden on him making him feel guilty and sorry for poor little me, he would consol me and I would go to bed dreading another day of running after the messes in our house. Well, I have finally come to realize a few things that were slowing me down in my day and allowing the house to finish ahead me. Here is What is Working for Me:

1. Computer management. need I say more.

2. Computer management. need I say more.(yes I meant to put this twice)

3. It is MY duty not my husbands to keep up the home(PERIOD). Embrace this as being the HOMEKEEPER.

4. Stay up a little longer than everyone else if needed to straighten the house so that tomorrow can begin fresh.

5. Put things away immediately as you see needed, not later.

6. In the kitchen learn to wash and cook simutaneously.

7. Motivation… music.

8. Encourage the family to pick up after themselves as much as possible! Make it fun for the kiddos with songs and rewards. And give them their own chores that fit their age. This is a huge help!! Just my Superman clearing the table after each meal helps, more than you might think.

9. Have some kind of plan. I have been following a Task Cleaning plan.

10. Get up early! For two reasons. For some alone time just for you so you wont be tempted to do it later when you should be doing other things and to start the chores early before others arise and begin demanding your energy and time.

11. Don’t set your expectations so high that you can’t reach them or that they discourage you.

12. Last one… perspective, perspective, perspective. You are not, as much as you may feel like one at times, a slave! but a homekeeper! You embrace an awesome calling from God that reaches out to all those around you!

This has SOO been working for me! My house is not perfect by all means but it is kept! Now get out of here and go see what works for others over at Shannons!

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Okay, seriously I am not one of those creative moms who can think of great things for their kids to do when they are bored, not to say that I don’t try. I do try I give them ideas of things to do and make them sound exciting but all I get are frowns and grunts or “nah, I don’t want to”. I will tell you I don’t like for Superman and T-Rex to just lie on the floor doing nothing. I encourage them to read a book, color, draw, play with blocks or cars and sometimes if I am free I will go sit with them and play something. Yesterday afternoon while they were “looking” bored or just baffled at what to do, like they don’t have any toys to play with, I ran in there and tackled Superman with tickles and then T-Rex and then we ended up becoming knights.  But since this is not always the case my solution or What Works For Me in this “Mom, I’m Bored” edition of WWFM is to give them a choice… either find something to do to enjoy their time or I will find them something “fun” to do, like picking up toys or sweeping the floor. :0) It works everytime! They are quickly motivated and suddenly boredom is triumphed.


WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Jump in and share and to find out some more ideas to beat your child’s boredom go see the list over at Rocks in my Dryer.

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 In the past whenever we would have friends over to play it was an embraced given that the play room would be destroyed. I accepted it and learned to not let it bother me, like it use to. I want the parents of the children visiting to feel completely comfortable and not have to worry about the mess their kids are making along side of my own and just relax and fellowship.  The only part that I have not been able to get past is the books, games and small building toys. Whenever I would walk into the room and see the books on the floor being trampled on, small pieces from a board game strung about and legos everywhere I would cringe. I tried desperately to instruct the children before they began to play to not play with those certain things… yeah, ha. I had no real solution to this little problem until I was reading Wondertime and found an article about a mother who made a little sanctuary for her daughter to read. A light bulb  instantly went off in my head and I began wondering if I could pull this off. I decided to try it out. It was a lot of work but in the end totally worth it. I pulled all of the toys that were stored in the closet that I didn’t mind the children making a mess with and then placing the book shelf and books along with the other toys that I did mind the children  playing and making a mess with. I no longer minded the mess of toys that were going to be strung about the room and it made the clean up much easier. Here is a small pic of our reading closet or our “little library” as Superman calls it.

This has really Worked for Me and for my children. Want to see other Work for Me Wednesdays just click HERE.

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Here is another fun little thing I have been wanting to join in on! At first I couldn’t think of anything that actually “Works” for me but I think I was trying to hard. 

I have a 6 year old son who thinks everything on the ground or in the dirt is a “treasure”. It doesn’t matter where we are this boy spots something that he must get his little hands on and marvel at its unknowness. He of course comes up with a lot of interesting and very creative identities for these pieces of trash I mean “treasures”. 

When we would get home he would give me his “treasures” trusting that I would put them somewhere safe, and I did for a day or two until I was tired of looking at them just sitting there  and he had forgotten about them, then I would quietly sneak them to their doom. After a while I started feeling a little guilty about throwing them away. One day I saw a picture in a magazine showing how to store the little things kids collect and immediately realized I had the solution to our “treasures” dilema. That next Saturday I found several Mason jars at a Garage Sale. I snatched them at a dimes price. Got home and began the collection of Superman’s Treasures. It Works for Me!!

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