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Ok so you more than likely know the drill of the table chores, right? After every meal everyone picks a duty to assist in cleaning up after the meal. There is clearing the table, wiping the table, and sweeping under the table and also loading the dishwasher and refridgerator.

I use to try to schedule it out to help spice it up a little, kill the monotony of doing the same chore after every meal. Now I don’t have to think about it anymore and assign chores to each child, now they very willingly and joyfully for the most part cast their table chore lots.

They are brillant in the fact that they really do work for me!

Nothing special. Just paper, Microsoft Word, scissors, and laminator.

Pay no attention to them being upside down, I wasn’t paying attention.

 They really do appear to enjoy them.

…which makes this mama very happy.

I love taking an everyday chore and making it fun for them. It helps the home run more effectively and peacefully when I can.

Kai did request that I put in a blank one or one that says play, a kind of wild card. That would be fun but it wouldn’t be very effective or peaceful for the other 2.

How do you do “table chores” at your house?

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There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t referee siblings and protect them from eachother’s harsh thoughtless words. Today as I was caught in one of those moments, I thought how can I encourage them to speak kind words, grace words to eachother. How can I get down on their level and teach them gently with a little bit of fun?  Quickly the Spirit gave me a word: sweet, sweet words, which led me to thinking about honey. Sweet honey words? Where is this going? I wasn’t sure either at first until more words put together that make sense came to my mind…

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs 16:24

How we long for gracious words, words that bring peace and encourage harmony to fill our home, but I have struggled with how to encourage my little ones and older one with how to understand and speak grace words. I wonder how often I respond like my little ones with harsh emotionally sour words teaching the opposite of what I long for and not giving the Spirit more freedom to lead in my parenting. I quench His work in my parenting by not taking more time to listen quietly in the moments of child training.

So here was the situation, it went something like this:

Amaris (to someone who was greatly annoying her, I am sure unknowingly): “STOP IT!”

Momma:” Oh, Amaris those were very harsh words. Why don’t you try dipping those words in some honey?”

Amaris: (turns confused and slowly begins to smile)

Momma: Come on let’s try it. Instead of your sour words let’s try to sweeten them in some honey, like this: “Kai, would you please stop ______?”

Immediate smiles and giggles, bubbles of grace, float and fill the air bringing sweetness to all of our souls and health to our bodies.  

So now, around our house and wherever we go we are sure to dip our words in honey-grace.

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