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Wow, it has been a long day… a long blessed day! I very stratigically and meticulously scheduled out each day of our homeschool only to be dissapointed at the reality. The last 2 weeks have really challenged me. We have made some big changes in our curriulum choices this year that have made our days longer. We have gone from following mainly Charlotte Mason methods to strictly Classical Education methods which tend to be a little more strenuous and time consuming (for us). It is 3:07 right now as I type this and my 4th grader is still going at it, and we started at 8:00. For us that is a long day! When I scheduled out each day I also forgot I was going to have an infant who rules the day. I am making a few changes to our schedule and we will try to follow it on the “good” days, those being the days Josai decides to sleep when he is sleepy so we can devote our time to education, like today. Here was a glimpse into our day:

6:00 very reluctantly get our of bed (knowing I don’t have long to prepare my mind and heart for the day)
6:30 Josai wakes for the morning to eat and play
7:00 start breakfast
7:15 wake up the kids to start their morning routines
7:30 eat breakfast and read proverbs
8:03 morning worship (a few children’s songs w/ the guitar, work on our memory verse and then pray)
8:15 morning calendar board time
8:30 Eli starts his history on the computer through Veritas Press, I work with Kai on Horizons math and 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read and Amaris does her preschool bags. (I also get to do a little bit of laundry folding)
9:21 Josai is awake again to eat and play
9:28 snack time/break (10min) a little “reward” for morning school
9:46 Eli works on Science while Kai and Amaris work on preschool bags, Josai is in his swing
9:55 Josai is now getting fussy, Eli is still doing science
10:50 Josai is napping, Eli is now onto Spelling, I folded some laundry
11:00 we are now on Grammar while Kai and Amaris have quiet time in their rooms
11:30 Latin and copy work, K and A throw paper airplanes around, I clean a little and then start lunch
11:45 Eli practices his guitar
12:00 we eat lunch together
12:30 cleaned like mad woman while kids played outside for a little bit
1:30 Josai is up and daddy is on his way home
1:45 Eli starts his Saxon math cd and work while Amaris and Kai enter rest time

I pray that with time we can find a better routine for the days and finish earlier so that we have more time to “learn” through the joyful and delightful arts of everyday life. Tomorrow is our library day and a little more relaxed day with only a few subjects to tackle in the morning ;).


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It has been a blessed and productive 2 weeks back to school although I admit that I could do better ;).  As always, I look back and see my failures but I recognize the blessings and His strength this week. I found the strength in Him to rise early each morning seeking His face and the strength just to get through each day and keep up with my laundry and making beds and well prepared dinners! Praise God! Our schedule worked out near perfectly but I will be making just a few changes, I have been encouraged by the eargerness in my 3 little ones to complete their chores each day, it has brought a smile to my face as a mother. I love seeing them working together to complete their chores and to hear their willingness. It is also nice  to look at the table after lunch and see it cleared, wiped and swept under :). Superman has been enjoying all of his studies and especially his time each morning reading his bible.

I really want to work on getting things a little more in line with the schedule so that we can complete everything I desire to do in each day, especially family times. It is easy to get behind and then have to eliminate the more causual delightful learning blocks. So I will be working on getting myself to follow the time slots more rigidly when it is possible so that we can do those things. My favorite time of the day is our afternoon reading which has been so enjoyable for us all! Butterfly has been doing beautifully with her 30 minute blanket time, so proud of her and I have been so proud of T-Rex and her capabilities to play together peacefully.

Looking forward to next week… here are a few of my favorite moments:

It appears that our Spice has become Eli’s reading partner! Praying this week goes well.

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It is January 4th our official starting back date after the holidays! I am excited to get back to our normal routine. Sat down yesterday and enthusiastically planned a new daily block schedule for the family although I know that as it is with life it must already be tweaked for this day because not written in my schedule is lifes schedule of calling the doctor for my allergy plagued T-Rex, quick run to the pet store for crickets for a starving Beardie along with a new heat light (because a certain cat knocked it down yesterday and broke it), then a run to Walmart for cat litter, toothpaste and medicine called in by my doctor for my morning night sickness… so I learn once again to plan with a willingness to change and mold to life; to His plans for the day. Here is our current Family Block Schedule…

Time Momma Eli Kai Amaris Daddy
5:30 Up & Dressed, straighten bathroom, coffee, early morning breakfast, bible reading, blog post and home management (make bed, straighten room, start laundry, clean boys bathroom and any leftovers from night before.)        
7:30 Up & Dressed, bible reading      
7:45 Assisting littles with chores Journal, feed Fred, make bed, put Pj’s away, empty dishwasher, light candles. Up & DressedFeed cats, make bed, Pjs away, sweep kitchen, Up & DressedMake bed, water the cats, pjs away, wipe cabinets.  
8:00 Prepare breakfast, enjoy an encouraging morning breakfast around the table with prayer, catechism and sharing goals for the day. Set table, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (clear, wipe and sweep up under table) Set table, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (same as Eli) Breakfast helper, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (fill dishwasher with momma) Lead family breakfast discussion.
8:30 Morning Worship led by Daddy: praise, devotion, memory work and prayer.(Any leftover quick ups before starting school)
9:00 Begin morning time with Kai and Amaris: reading and sharing a word 😉 History with Daddy Morning Time with Momma! Morning Time with Momma! History with Eli
9:30 Begin school with Eli and workboxes with Kai and Amaris. School Time Workboxes Workboxes  Ministry & Study
11:00 Outside Nature Tales & Read Aloud: quick straighten up while kids run outside for some free play, then an observation study and RA.
11:45 Begin Lunch Time & Eat w/ Family Ways, then after lunch chores: clear table, fill dishwasher, sweep under table and wipe table along with a quick pick up! Quiet TimeEat & Family Ways

Chores: choose

12:30 Quiet Reading time*/blanket time (30 minutes) and then Family Activity
1:30 30 minutes free time to work on home management and projects. Computer Time Rest Time             REST
2:00 Bible Study Bible Study REST
2:30  Cleaning Routine Guitar & Reading Guitar & Reading
3:30 Wii or other Vgame time
4:00 Sewing or Other Project with Sermon Free Time to Play under supervision  
5:00 Begin Dinner Prep with little Helpers  Daddy time and Helpers  
6:00 Family Dinner Time and then Table Chores
7:00 Poet RA and Amaris RA Pjs, teeth brushing, clean rooms and then quiet time. Poet RA and Boys RA
8:00 Begin preparing for tomorrow! Moonlight reading…Lights out!  
9:00 Personal evening time: bible reading, quiet time with hubby in prayer and communion.    


We will be following this when we are able, on our less than normal day ;).

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So I stayed up late and planned out our year, kind of. I decided not to be to detailed and specific this year but just allow for a more delightful path of structure. I don’t want to feel like I have to do a certain lesson a certian week if it just isn’t working out that way and cause a rebellion to stir up with in me, you know tell me what exactly to do and I automatically feel the urge to rebel against it… evenmy own rules?! I didn’t include all subjects just the ones I felt I really needed some gentle guidance and encouragement for the year.

Do you want to see it?

I do 😉 I worked hard on it and it is so pretty. I like colors…

GMW Yearly Schedule_0001

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Okay so I know I do things totally backwards, there is no method to my madness, but it gets done and that is all that matters to me! I just finished our weekly schedule, after talking to my husband (our Principle that I run everything past before finalizing), we are going to use this schedule for the first month and look at maybe pushing the times back an hour. Starting an hour earlier would finish us up earlier for more time spent in “real learning” :0).  Side note: in Our “For now” Daily Schedule I forgot to include Latin so I tucked it in during rest time right before our quiet time together.

Weekly Growing Minds of Wisdom Schedule_0001

Ignore the Spelling note at the bottom of the page. Okay, let me exlain. Under each day there are 2 columns, the left side (orange)  is Superman’s and the right side (red) is T-Rex & Butterfly’s column of activities.  PAB is Preschool Activity Bags, Table Time is an activity with me at the table while Superman does his Table Work and then Room Time is what we did last year, they each go to their room and play for about 20 minutes, they loved this last year. I feel confident about this schedule, not on the schedule is our Hymn study which will be in the evenings.

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This is on a typical day or in our case the not so typical day, the days when our evenings are free and we are privileged to just be together. I know that this will be tweaked with in the first few weeks and so am flexible but it is a start. Growing Minds of Wisdom Daily Schedule 2_0001Everyday I am handing over to the Lord and I am going to (only by His grace) embrace His divine interruptions may they come and simply rest in His will and trust in His timing and providence and provision for that day or that week.

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