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There is an infant baby girl, in the jungles of Indonesia, just days old who is fighting for her life, or who would be if she could. Actually she has no idea what the adults who should be looking our for her, including her own mother are debating on doing. You see she is a twin, the 2nd born and in their history, for unknown reasons to me, when twins are born with in their tribe, the Naki tribe, the 2nd born is quickly disposed of. It seems they “throw it away”, not sure exactly what that means. This is just what they do. It is appalling, yes and unbareable to think of but apart from the truth of the gospl this is the nature of man, isn’t it? It breaks my heart to realize this turmoil is going on across the world right now as I live so comfortably with my salvation and blessed life, I want to run across the green and blue of the earth that seperates me from her and hold this little girl and this mother. I know that all I can do is pray and it is the most powerful thing I can do for it is only by His love and mercy and by the power of the Spirit that can truly intervene in this situtation.

Prayers are needed on behalf of this baby girl, of this tribe. Wisdom and understanding for the missionaries there, wisdom and understanding for the tribe supernaturally and directly into their darkened hearts by the Holy Spirit. Pray for life and truth, that His glory might be revealed through this.



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I do not personally know this wife and mother but I have been deeply touched by God with her story and just the love of God that has been pouring out from her family and friends through prayer and adoration. I ask you, I plead with you to pray for this beautiful and loved young woman. Here is her carepage, take a moment to get to know her situation and engrave her on your heart in prayer and believe in the power of God through prayer!

“…and the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up.” James 5:15

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Lord… guide me through this day… may I be your faithful servant… love you with all of my soul, all of my heart, all of my mind and with all my strength.. diligent in my work… striving constantly for peace… joyfully training my children… thankful for each opportunity to guide them in your word… speaking with only kindness and wisdom… taking advantage of each moment… giving into the simple pleasures of joy for my children even if it is inconvenient for me… guide me Lord… cover my path with patience and perseverence and shower me with joy along the way… amen.

I pray this for you as well…

Also, I am going to join In Light of Truth in memorizing scripture. I will be hiding 1 Thessalonians 5:15 and also James 1:19-20.

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Pray with me…

I reluctantly and joyfully stepped into my Prayer Room today and visited with all of the mothers and children who are suffering. I say reluctantly because it hurts my heart to listen to their pain and suffering but joyfully because it is my honor to lift them up to our Father and to get to know them all, they are amazing people.

Sean… wow, what an amazing little boy. He is 6, the same age as my Superman and so full of life! He loves legos and can make some pretty great things with them. He seems to be dealing with living in a hospital really well and the nurses all appear and sound like a wonderful blessing. You can feel the love and adoration that these parents have for their son. Today they have been there for 1 year, he was admitted Aug. 6 of 2006. Please pray that he will continue to improve and be able to go home this weekend. I don’t know if it is a long term or short term stay.

Ethan… he turned eight months yesterday. He is scheduled for a MRI today at 2:30 and is not able to eat anything all morning, which as you can imagine is not going to be a pleasant experience. His mother asks that we pray that everything on the MRI will look good, that Ethan will do good with not being able to eat and that there is NO WHITE CELLS in his spinal fluid.

Noah… he is about to have a birthday! He is still struggling with a lot of health issues and is need of prayers. Developmenatlly he is doing better, praise the Lord. Some of the main goals that they have for him are that he would learn to change positions (right now he sits if we put him in a sit, but can’t get to a sit, roll over, etc.), learn to move (crawl, scoot, whatever), and learn to really play with toys. Go listen to their grocery store experience with Noah and the balls :0).

Heather… she isn’t feeling well and is scheduled for an MRI today so be in prayer for her. Though she is suffering you can hear her faith loud and clear and she is encouraging.  Here is her prayer request… not just for the swelling to NOT to be there, but that the tumor is completely gone, radiated, cursed at the root, stomped on, chemically and surgically altered etc…. nothing there but tumor bed.

 Nicole… she has not updated in a while so I pray that all is okay. Just pray for her to be strong and to hide in the shadow of His wings, that God would work in her and through her, and that her son will be given continual strength as he experiences all of the emotions that come with this difficult time.

Hannah’s family… oh, how my heart bleeds for this mother’s pain of loosing her little Monkey. It is so painful to hear her heart cry out and I pray deeply that God would comfort her and guide her through this emensly hard time. You must visit her, listen to her heart, listen to her struggles, her victories, get to know Lily and Hannah. I find it so amazing that Hannah is still very much alive in their life. You will be very blessed to visit this family. Set out a block of time and cry, laugh and ponder with this mother. Listen… I’m very very sad and lonely, missing my Monkey in a way I never thought humanly possible. And yet, as sad as I am, I worry I’m blocking my feelings; that maybe in the back of my mind I’ve convinced myself Hannah is just off somewhere and she’ll be returning soon. I worry the gut-wrenching agony of the past two weeks will return and I’ll be incapacitated with grief worse than before. Have I actually acknowledged to myself Hannah is gone? Have I let myself she is never coming back and that I have to live the rest of my life wondering–what Han would have looked like as an adult, what would she have done for a career (other than Irish step dancing and hairdressing), would she have had children–about Hannah’s lost future?

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Please take a little moment of your time and visit Life with Hannah and Lily. They are suffering a great loss and are in need of our prayers and encouragement during this time.

Also, if you look in my sidebar you will see A Prayer Room with some names under it. Please, visit them as well as they to are in need of your prayers and encouragement.

Thank you.

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Be warm and merciful and let no one go from you empty-handed. The least you can offer is your time and patience, your affection and your prayer.Anonymous

Visited a friend yesterday and found this. What an amazing act of kindness and love for an amazing family.

Take just a moment of your time to visit them and offer them your love…

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I often sit confined and consumed in my own little world of my own personal very trivial problems. Where all the little things inside it feel proportionally huge in my mind, where all these little things seem to pile up on me, where no one in my family seems to respect my efforts to manage our home, where nothing seems to go right or just the way I want them to, where I feel trapped because of all the responsibilities I am under, where…. and then I am brought back down to reality, to truth, to life when my bubble is popped by the sharp needle of perspective. Sometimes the needle is dull enough to not actually puncture the thick bubble my world is surrounded by but for the past week it has been sharp enough. As I have been surfing the vast numbers of blogs I have seen this:

and as I clicked on one of them I was able to meet this Heather. My world no longer seemed to matter as I read her story, as I listened to her heart and as I heard in her words her love and faith in the Lord. Her God is BIG.. and she knows it.. bigger than her current circumstances.. bigger than all of ours and He is good. I have been extremely blessed and encouraged by this woman and her strong faith.

I now encourage you to get to know Heather and lift this beautiful woman of God up in prayer. Ladies… Prayer is vitally important in our lives as Christians.. spiritually we can not survive with out it. Life can appear at times to be hopeless and with out purpose but with prayer we are reminded that Christ is our blood bought hope and our purpose is to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. Keep Heather close in your thoughts and in your prayers and if you feel up to it leave her a little note of encouragement.

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