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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Oh, if I could only impart the wisdom of Dr.Seuss into the mind of my 7 year old struggling reader. Oh the places he would go!

 He loves the idea of reading but he detests the process, the work, the decoding of words, the making of sentences. He loves stories and living inside stories, it is where I find him most but they are the kind that already live inside his mind, no words neccessary.

How do I teach him to read, this boy that lives in the stories? It is one of the things I admire about his childhood, his passion for stories, for the story. Is it just the age? Or is it something else, something deeper that I can not see and that even he can not understand?

 I wonder if he sees the words differently than they are written… if they appear a little backwards and displaced? I know this is possible, this reading disease called dyslexia.

Or it could just be that this wild soul just needs a little more time to mature in the world of words and reading. I am thankful though, the stories live on in him no matter if he can read or not.. because stories are apart of who he is, because he is surrounded by them and by those who do read and who love to read. He is a lover of books and one day I know he will be a lover of words, a lover of the Word which gives life to all other words.

If you have any encouragement or insights for this mommy-teacher I would embrace them with much enthusiasm!



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Ok so you more than likely know the drill of the table chores, right? After every meal everyone picks a duty to assist in cleaning up after the meal. There is clearing the table, wiping the table, and sweeping under the table and also loading the dishwasher and refridgerator.

I use to try to schedule it out to help spice it up a little, kill the monotony of doing the same chore after every meal. Now I don’t have to think about it anymore and assign chores to each child, now they very willingly and joyfully for the most part cast their table chore lots.

They are brillant in the fact that they really do work for me!

Nothing special. Just paper, Microsoft Word, scissors, and laminator.

Pay no attention to them being upside down, I wasn’t paying attention.

 They really do appear to enjoy them.

…which makes this mama very happy.

I love taking an everyday chore and making it fun for them. It helps the home run more effectively and peacefully when I can.

Kai did request that I put in a blank one or one that says play, a kind of wild card. That would be fun but it wouldn’t be very effective or peaceful for the other 2.

How do you do “table chores” at your house?

Linking up with Kristen for Works for Me Wednesday.

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 …eternity lives in the little things and a simple life means living holistically with your life’s purpose…


and  then, she {snapped}

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…just holding grace today.

Captured this magical moment this week… it is one of my favorite pictures and I just want to show it off, yes I am proud mother… so in love.

A boy is a magical creature–you can lock him out of your workshop, but you can’t lock him out of your heart. ~ Allan Beck

Boys are magical in deed… I have three of them and I can attest to it, but little girls hold their own kind of magic, both have stolen my heart.

and  then, she {snapped}

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Today was our third day back to school in this HOPE-filled 2012. Since we were suppose to be in Costa Rica right now, I had other plans for our little homeschool. I had to re-evaluate our “plans” and make some quick decisions. I am very pleased with how these last three days have gone, very peaceful… not perfect but peaceful, as it should be.

I thought I would share some pictures of our school days and a few commentaries behind the moments captured…
Our days have been full of color and coloring, on paper and on hearts. I am trying a new schedule and a new perspective, it is working well so far. I have made 9-3 my intentional daily school hours… 6 hours of my undivided attention, hours of Momma at your service. I am really striving to live in the story with my characters, to be apart of the learning and the playing, to learn how to live life well and make a mess with out worrying about the clean up part.

Oh, toys, toys, toys… strewn across the home, a path made in joy by the little one year old who finds learning where ever he goes. A mess of joy, this is the life.

 Math is fun around here, crazy I know! Amaris loves her Horizon’s K math worksheets almost as much as she loves the color pink, can you tell? I love her love for learning, she just might pass her less enthusiastic big brother up if he is not careful.

Which leads me to a question… what do you do with a reluctant reader? A fear of words? How can that be, it is inconceivable considering his parents passion for all things word-y and book-ish. Any suggestions? We just moved from 100 Easy Lessons (which wasn’t so EASY with this child) into BOB books because it was just to painful to continue on.

I realized yesterday when I looked over at the chair where Eli and Amaris were doing reading lessons that I am not the only teacher around here. Don’t tell him that though 😉 I also realized that we do school on top of laundry? Whatever works, right?

That is my skirt getting all wrinkled under those reading lessons, wrinkles worth ironing later.

Baby Einstein anyone? I did the unthinkable and let Josai watch a “movie” while I did math and phonics with his brother and sister, gasp! Well, he loved it and we will probably make it a once a week blessing… I can only allow myself once a week though.

Josai and all his cuteness, as I find him often about the day. Soaking in the life in life. He brightens my day!

I know this is the last picture but it was really the first picture from the day… last shall be first and the first shall be last, right? Well, this is a picture of our morning bible reading. We are just simply reading a proverb to the date and then discussing it. It has been very fruitful. I love the interaction and the daily gems we find from each morning’s reading.

Homeschooling these 4 wild souls is an adventure, one that I am grateful to be on. They are my life.

A little reminder to end on… “We learn not for school, but for life.” Seneca

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We started back to school yesterday, our lives are slowly in some ways getting back to normal. Our homeschool is on a bright path into the future and I am excited about my children’s education and not to mention mine, which got me thinking about what education is in our home. I found these thoughts, education in our home is not just found in between pages of books, but in between the pages of our every day lives. Learning through the art of life.

Charlotte Mason expresses this in one of her famous most widely known quotes:

 “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.”

I am loving as a mother cultivating an atmosphere of beauty, art, and a deep love for learning, a discipline that loves to follow closely behind knowledge, and a life that naturally creates opportunities for exploration and growth.


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Eli reading to Josai


Our lives are made up of words, as we live in a divinely spoken world. Like a book being read every day, we tell a story.

Our lives a real life story.

What kind of story are we writing, are we telling?

Our children are also apart of this story, little growing characters.

As we live in the story we are encouraged to write the words of God on the tablets of our hearts. {Proverbs 7:3}

Our very hearts a writing tablet? Notepads of the soul.

Am I writing His words faithfully, lovingly on my heart? Words that spill over into the story of their little lives?

Before they can even read their hearts are already taking notes.

We are to speak the written word into their hearts, shaping their soul with our very lives, by our words and how we choose to speak them into existence.

Words are a powerful thing… they have the power for life and for death.

As a mother I have the power to breathe life with how I speak to my children in all situations especially under high stress and in the trials of life. Everyday, many times I am tempted to speak to my children out of my anger and everyday I eventually sin by doing so. I am immediatly grieved by my decision to choose death over life and regret follows me around until I repent and seek their forgiveness.

Courtney over at Women Living Well is hosting a Gentleness Challenge that by the providence of God right after my husband and I talked about trying to do better about speaking to our children in love instead of anger, I just happened to stumble across her challenge through Pinterest.

I am excited about this challenge and the work of the Lord in my heart and so many other mother’s hearts as they seek also to display the fruit of the Spirit in their daily interactions with their children, conscious of the impressions we are constantly, with every word leaving on our children’s hearts.


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