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I have been inspired… inspired to action.

I needed to go grocery shopping today but struggled with spending the money, again. I just went on Thursday and dispite my best efforts among the busy transitioning our life is in right now, spent more than I had wanted. {Sigh} So, as I reached for lunch behind all of this in my pantry cabinet…..

{Isn’t that pretty?}

…I thought surely I could create meals from the abundance of food that already fills my kitchen, a mini grocery store?

So I took inventory and found 5 decent meals to feed my family. Enough to last till Friday, my grocery shopping day. Whew, that’s better.

I used allrecipes to find some recipes using the ingredients I had on hand {suggested by a friend} and then plugged in those plus some others into our menu plan for the rest of the month. Here is our menu plan for this week…

Monday: DIY Tostada with Mexican Rice
Tuesday: Tortilla Bean Soup with Chicken
Wednesday: Enchildada-Quesidillas {made with homemade tortillas} with more Mexican Rice!
Thursday: Chicken and Rice, sweet peas, and buttered homemade bread
Friday: Sea Shell Supper, salad, and bread
Saturday: Homemade Pizza and salad
Sunday: Leftovers

I have high hopes of changing our eating habits, in being more intentional in feeding my family. Looking forward to researching. Until next time…


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Often our days can be something like a run on setence with no commas even hinting the breath of a pause, a break. We simply go from one thing to the next, surviving from minute to minute, task to task, and our minutes fade into hours upon hours until we just have a heaping mess of time spent passing God by and we have this verse tucked in the back of our hearts bringing us satisfaction, encouragement and an excuse that it’s ok to pass Him by for He himself said in Titus 2 that women are to be busy, keepers, working at home… so run on days is what we have been called to do!

But what does He entail in being busy… working… a keeper at home? To forsake a relationship with Him? Is that what He really desires in our lives of radical submission to Him, just to be busy keeping our home… forgetting the hidden person of our homes? I believe we are to be busy, busy, busy at home… but with commas and even periods, with hard stops. Breakings with Him, for in our business we must walk with Him and not by Him, finding Him regularly among the chaos of this joyful calling. We must stop. Stop time, and be still and know… for it is all to easy to forget.

How though in our busy days, our run on days of making beds and breakfast, setting and clearing the table, washing and putting away dishes, wiping counters and baking, washing, folding and dispersing clothes pencils and papers, paints and crayons, dirty floors, crushed crackers and babies and animals all spread through out the house as well as bathrooms to clean and doctors appointments and all of the other living words that fill up our life sentences? We must not find time but make time, stop time to be still.

Can I just encourage you to stop time today? Set times. Maybe 3 times today? Find a place, set the clock to stop and run to Him. Maybe you would like to join me in Walking Through the Valley of Vision? Whatever you decide to do today, don’t pass Him by…

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The story is told of three women washing clothes. A passerby asked each what she was doing.

“Washing clothes” was the first answer.

“A bit of household drudgery” was the second.

“I am mothering three young children who some day will fill important and useful spheres in life, and wash day is part of my grand task in caring for thes souls who shall live forever” was the third.

The Shaping of  a Chrisain Family, Elisabeth Elliot

Which woman are you?

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It is January 4th our official starting back date after the holidays! I am excited to get back to our normal routine. Sat down yesterday and enthusiastically planned a new daily block schedule for the family although I know that as it is with life it must already be tweaked for this day because not written in my schedule is lifes schedule of calling the doctor for my allergy plagued T-Rex, quick run to the pet store for crickets for a starving Beardie along with a new heat light (because a certain cat knocked it down yesterday and broke it), then a run to Walmart for cat litter, toothpaste and medicine called in by my doctor for my morning night sickness… so I learn once again to plan with a willingness to change and mold to life; to His plans for the day. Here is our current Family Block Schedule…

Time Momma Eli Kai Amaris Daddy
5:30 Up & Dressed, straighten bathroom, coffee, early morning breakfast, bible reading, blog post and home management (make bed, straighten room, start laundry, clean boys bathroom and any leftovers from night before.)        
7:30 Up & Dressed, bible reading      
7:45 Assisting littles with chores Journal, feed Fred, make bed, put Pj’s away, empty dishwasher, light candles. Up & DressedFeed cats, make bed, Pjs away, sweep kitchen, Up & DressedMake bed, water the cats, pjs away, wipe cabinets.  
8:00 Prepare breakfast, enjoy an encouraging morning breakfast around the table with prayer, catechism and sharing goals for the day. Set table, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (clear, wipe and sweep up under table) Set table, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (same as Eli) Breakfast helper, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (fill dishwasher with momma) Lead family breakfast discussion.
8:30 Morning Worship led by Daddy: praise, devotion, memory work and prayer.(Any leftover quick ups before starting school)
9:00 Begin morning time with Kai and Amaris: reading and sharing a word 😉 History with Daddy Morning Time with Momma! Morning Time with Momma! History with Eli
9:30 Begin school with Eli and workboxes with Kai and Amaris. School Time Workboxes Workboxes  Ministry & Study
11:00 Outside Nature Tales & Read Aloud: quick straighten up while kids run outside for some free play, then an observation study and RA.
11:45 Begin Lunch Time & Eat w/ Family Ways, then after lunch chores: clear table, fill dishwasher, sweep under table and wipe table along with a quick pick up! Quiet TimeEat & Family Ways

Chores: choose

12:30 Quiet Reading time*/blanket time (30 minutes) and then Family Activity
1:30 30 minutes free time to work on home management and projects. Computer Time Rest Time             REST
2:00 Bible Study Bible Study REST
2:30  Cleaning Routine Guitar & Reading Guitar & Reading
3:30 Wii or other Vgame time
4:00 Sewing or Other Project with Sermon Free Time to Play under supervision  
5:00 Begin Dinner Prep with little Helpers  Daddy time and Helpers  
6:00 Family Dinner Time and then Table Chores
7:00 Poet RA and Amaris RA Pjs, teeth brushing, clean rooms and then quiet time. Poet RA and Boys RA
8:00 Begin preparing for tomorrow! Moonlight reading…Lights out!  
9:00 Personal evening time: bible reading, quiet time with hubby in prayer and communion.    


We will be following this when we are able, on our less than normal day ;).

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I have been working on organizing a menu plan binder that will bring peace to my kitchen, keep my fridgerater fed and my family  full of good creative and hopefully in time more healthy meals instead of “oh, let’s see what we have that I can make real quick” 30 minutes before it is time to eat.  It is more exhausting having no menu plan and no grocery list shopping plan than it is to actually have one, sure it takes time a few hours one day compared to all the wasted stress and time all through out the next 7 days, so it is so worth it to plan it all out and make time for it. I am excited finally to be back in what I am hoping is going to be a good menu plan routine. So for this week here is What’s For Dinner at our house…

Monday: Bible Study… Ham & Cheese Croussants, Pork n Beans & Potato Salad 

Tuesday: Fish & Chips (dinner at a friends house)

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken, Baked Potatoes & Corn on the Cob

Thursday: Black Bean Soup & Cornbread

Friday: Homemade Pizza, Salad & Strawberry Shortcake

Saturday: Salmon “Crabby” Patties, Mashed Potatoes and Squash

Sunday: Cheese Burgers and Homemade (very unhealthy) Fries with fresh Veges.

It feels good to be back in the kitchen serving my family’s needs. Enjoy your blessed Monday… Psalm 118:24. Visit Laura for more of this weeks menu plans!

JOYfully in Him,

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Our "Learning Room"
Our “Learning Room”

I just have to say… “I love our Learning Room!” I wasn’t excited about not having a “learning room” in this new house but found contentment in the rest of the home ;0). After moving some furniture around (making my living bare) I created a little “learning room” for us in our dinning area. I love the lighting and the space.  My “desk” is at the bar to the left of the dinning area and all of our art supplies in one of the cabinets in the kitchen, easily accessible for us and hidden away (which I really like).

My desk

My desk

 Our art supply cabinet
Our art supply cabinet

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Okay so I know I do things totally backwards, there is no method to my madness, but it gets done and that is all that matters to me! I just finished our weekly schedule, after talking to my husband (our Principle that I run everything past before finalizing), we are going to use this schedule for the first month and look at maybe pushing the times back an hour. Starting an hour earlier would finish us up earlier for more time spent in “real learning” :0).  Side note: in Our “For now” Daily Schedule I forgot to include Latin so I tucked it in during rest time right before our quiet time together.

Weekly Growing Minds of Wisdom Schedule_0001

Ignore the Spelling note at the bottom of the page. Okay, let me exlain. Under each day there are 2 columns, the left side (orange)  is Superman’s and the right side (red) is T-Rex & Butterfly’s column of activities.  PAB is Preschool Activity Bags, Table Time is an activity with me at the table while Superman does his Table Work and then Room Time is what we did last year, they each go to their room and play for about 20 minutes, they loved this last year. I feel confident about this schedule, not on the schedule is our Hymn study which will be in the evenings.

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