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A year ago today we were given a gift, a gift of breath, of life, of joy and of pain… all wrapped up in a bundle of baby. Our precious Josai was given to us. Joy through pain. Isn’t that how it usually is? Joy and pain are connected, brother and sister joined at the hip? That is where all of our children, His children came from, they were born out of pain mixed in love and into joy… a neverending joy to be spent a living praise to their Author and Creator. My heart is overwhelmed as I sit here this morning and just marvel at this little life, this little person, this little character in the divine Story of the world. I wonder… does he know? How much he is loved? How small he is in the vast sea of His love, His ocean-anic grace and mercy? (do any of us really?)

How much his father loves him and much more his heavenly Father?

How with every smile and glee of joy he is praising God?


He is playing with plastic plates and drinking juice water from his plastic sippy cup… and I just wonder if he knows how much, how much he is loved. The greatest Love came down and gave him life, eternal life… life everlasting, he is immortal. Does he know that? One day he will… one day. Until then, we will show him and speak to him of this eternal Love that came down and we will pray, and we will pray, until he knows.

I am encouraged by Nancy Wilson’s words from an article she wrote in Credenda/Agenda titled Your Baby Has a Soul, here is a piece of what she said… wisdom words from a woman wise with years and experience: “Mothering is not just about childbirth options or schedule feeding. The wise woman understands that children are a source of joy and blessing entrusted to her by God, and she is to be a good steward of them, seeing that she takes care to dedicate her children to God and train them up as God’s own. When a new baby is in his mother’s arms, we don’t understand what God is doing to nurture the baby’s soul. It is a mystery. But He uses every loving word, every silly song, every kiss and playful hug to nurture and nourish the souls of our children. This is a work of faith, and we trust God to do it through us. Laying aside our own plans in order to rock a baby or comfort a child is a soul-prospering work, not an annoying interruption.” (taken from building her house, Nancy Wilson)

We need as always a holy vision of mothering, eyes of faith in this spiritual love journey of ours… because they like ourselves have souls. Eternal souls.

This morning I am making a birth-day list of a soul that I have been entrusted with… giving thanks for this precious little boy soul.

his smile that can melt my icy heart

his Pooh Bear thinking gesture that he does when you say “think, think, think”

his all fours, Gollum crawl

his frowny face and whine when he wants sympathy

Patty Cake, Patty Cake his favorite song and how he tries to do all the motions

rocking him almost to sleep, even though he resists sometimes

when he learns something new and he knows it

his passion for food

his little laugh

his duck tail or baby mullet as we call it

his brown eyes always filled with life

his little hand pats on the back when you pick him up

There is more, of course. I could go on with a neverending list but my time is unfortunetly not so gracious this morning… and we have some celebrating to do.

Counting with Ann this morning, praising Him for His neverending gifts!

JOYfully in Him,



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Take a moment to breathe, inhale and exhale His grace, His good gifts in the moments… maybe just stop and think of “one wildly simple, beautiful moment you can give Him thanks for right now?”* and then share it over at (in)courage finding God Glory in the Moments with Ann and just maby recieve a little gift in return… just maybe.

Go ahead and splash around in His gifts… splattered His glory all in your (extra)ordinary moments, find Him where you are right now or maybe back there somewhere, last week, yesterday where you might have just missed Him, walked right past the God Glory in the Moment.

JOYfully in Him,



*words from Ann.

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Father’s Day

…taking this day to reflect on my heavenly Father, God.

“Father” is the most significant name of the God of the Bible. It is the name that sets Christianity apart from all the other religions of the world. Other religions invite us to worship their gods, allahs, creators, or metaphysical forces, but Christianity invites us to believe in a Son and to enter into an intimate family relationship with a loving Father. Jesus, the Son of God, came so that we could meet His Father, be adopted into the family of God, and relate to the almighty God of the universe in an intimate, personal, concrete way as sons and daughters (2 Cor. 6:16, 18).Mary A. Kassian

and giving thanks and praise for the earthly father of my children, who takes his role of the spiritual leader, father very serious like that of Jonathan Edwards, to bring them into union with their heavenly Father.

Jonathan Edwards is described as a husband and father whose care and oversight of his family was thoroughly spiritual. He took seriously anything that troubled his children, and would save the evening hours to be spent in prayer and close fellowship with his family. Primarily concerned for the condition of their souls, Edwards taught each of his children to earnestly seek salvation, “to have God our friend, and to be united to Christ.”  Kim Kistler

I am so thankful that as a father, he is primarily concerned not with the temperal things of this life but of their eternal souls.

He is always striving to bring us all closer in worship and fellowship with God our Father…

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Well we are desperately trying to spend this week reflecting on the Hope of our salvation through the trials that come with change. This morning I pray for Him to fill me with the Joy of His Holy Spirit and draw me intimately close with my Saviour through constant prayer and praise. We are in the middle of what is known as Holy Week and I long to capture this opportunity to simply linger on the power and beauty of the gospel, to experience a little bit of His life, death and ressurection through daily liturgies and to prepare our hearts for resurection Sunday. Each morning we come close to listen to the story… the story of true love… let us linger and reflect deeply on the story…

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The holiday so many of us Christians struggle to understand how to celebrate in our convictions considering it’s pagan origins. I personally have struggled year after year with what I believe, my conscience uncomfortable in the midst of this “dark” day. I have prayed and meditated on God’s word concerning how we are to live out our faith in this pagan world, 1 Corinthians tells us to glorify God in everything we do… this applies of course to everyday and every holiday, including Halloween. There are so many creative way we can do this in whatever way we decide to celebrate or simply not celebrate this day… it opens many doors of opportunity to minister, display and relay the gospel. We forget that today is also the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the doors of the Roman Catholic Church whether you agree with his beliefs or not he reformed the church and has given us all religous freedom. Here are 2 very good articles concerning October 31st :

Christians and Halloween: Grace to You

Celebrating Reformation Day

and a lovely post by A Wise Woman Builds Her House on Reformation Day Celebration with lots of links.

Our commission is to reach into this dark pagan world we journey through and preach the good news of Christ. We have been entrusted with the truth and power of the gospel and today like any other we are to go out and proclaim it.

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Job 1:21

“The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” 


Precious was our cat… precious is our time… for so many reasons… precious for the eternal purposes and glories of God, precious for the angelic beings watch and learn, precious for it is like a vapor, precious for our holiness and precious for the little hearts that we have been given. Our dear sweet Precious was suddenly taken away from us this Friday morning and with her went a piece of my heart. I loved her dearly even though she had a very bad habit of terrorizing me at times…. she brought a peacefulness into our home and a comfort to me that I can not explain… she was a precious gift that I am so thankful for today. My heart aches for her presence again in her usual daily routines, in our daily rythyms. My piece has been disturbed as I long for her… home doesn’t quiet feel the same. I ask “Why?” honestly… what is my lesson? What does He have to teach me from this?  Oh why has He taken something so sweet and good from me? I get little anwsers… mostly silence with a few  hints of a whisper here and there… “was that You God?” I don’t know.  Why do I keep crying? She was just a cat? Is there more to this that I am not getting… I seek to simply understand and grow. I ask earnestly for His direction… does He hear me? Oh I plead that He would hear me and allow me to understand. What do I do with all this sorrow? Cast it in the shallow waters of everyday work and pleasures?  It only comes back to find me sulking in my room… I continue to ask Him “what do I need to do?” I try to hand over my sorrow, my pain, my memories in exchange for His peace and comfort… I receive it at times but grab it all back, where is this going? No where.  I admit now that He has anwsered me only I have said with in my heart, “that is not enough… I need something more”. I admit my heart is not right in thinking that as if He alone is not enough, that is a lie from the pit of hell… get behind me satan.  

I consider the possiblity of my sorrow being more of a result of a brokeness over my own sinfulness and guilt of it’s leading, of being disciplined by my Father (Hebrews 12). I realize that my sinfulness the other night caused certain things to happen… she should have been inside that night as we always let her in but on that night I decided I wanted to sulk and dwell in my sinfulness instead. The interesting things is I have been praying for this, not exactly this but for the Lord to humble me and bring me to a place of brokeness that I could not bring myself… He has answered my prayer. I will miss her but I am begining to understand… my Father knew what He needed to do for my good and as hard as it is I am going to try to listen to Him when He says…

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. “

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Through the pain of her absence and my sin I find a heart of thankfulness… for her life, all the many joys she brought to me over these years, the goodness of God for giving her to me (what a blessing), of brokeness, of His work with in my heart, His faithfulness and for listening to me and being so patience with me. I didn’t deserve such a good gift, such a good little furry companion and I didn’t deserve the ultimate gift of Christ on the cross taking my sins upon Himself  and drinking the cup of God’s wrath that I was meant to drink…

God is most glorified in you when you am most satisfied in Him… in the midst of loss…” John Piper 

I long for Him now to come and fill this broken vessel with His Spirit… that in this and any loss I might face in this life I would be completely satisfied in Him… that nothing would be so precious to me other than Him and Him alone… not even the gift of time. It is so easy to put our gifts above our Giver, and misplace our joy, our trust, our peace, our hunger and thirsts and our treasure on what He has given us… setting our eyes and our hearts ultimately on earthly temporal things instead of eternal heavenly things. May we protect our hearts to love… but to easily let go for the sake of His good works and eternal purposes.

Precious will be deeply  missed… and she will always hold a very special tender place in my heart and in my spiritual journey… I wonder if in the truth that all of creation will be restored if we will be reunited… a silly but pleasing thought ;).

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A Fresh Look

So I changed the scene around here… I really wanted 3 columns and this is the only theme that wordpress had to offer that I felt comfortable placing my thoughts in ;). It is fitting I think, for me. If you haven’t noticed or don’t know me real well, I like to change things around a lot… this is true for my home as well. I enjoy change when it comes to my furniture arrangement, it gives me a new perspective every now and then. I find this to be true as well with the insearchable riches of Christ, I can read a passage of scripture one day and then come back to it another day and find an all new perspective… only by His grace. I am thankful this morning that God gives me a fresh look at His words and entertains me in His mysteries… revealing to me His will at His own glorious time. I pray that I would look more and work harder to gain these fresh looks in scripture daily rearranging and seeking truth.

Sorry for my spastic thoughts this morning… have a lovely day!

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