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How is it even possible that this beautiful little creature of mine turned 3 today… I can hardly grasp on quickly the time has gone from anticipating her coming to her blessed arrival and now her 3rd year with us. She is such a sweet and beautiful little girl, I just love being around her everyday! Each morning I am so blessed to be greeted by her smiling little face and precious joyous spirit, yes she is “gasp” a morning person… and I am learning from her to be more of one to ;).

Today was her special day… and we had a blast!


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I have an idea… nothing dramatic.

Today while I was sitting at my table in utter confusion and in an overwhelmed state as to what I should do first on my long list of needed things to get done this afternoon I decided to spontaneously go for a walk with my oldest boy Superman. We quickly headed out on bike and on foot, I needed some fresh air, some room to breath and think. With each step I prayed… guide me Lord, shine your light of truth and beauty before me… as a mother, a wife and a homekeeper… it was so good to be alone with Him for a little while. He began to direct my thoughts through the desires of my heart and here is what I felt and heard Him teaching me: my idea, to live simply, ordinary yet an abundantly beautiful life. In my desire to live this kind of life, one with out distraction I began to reach into the “unthinkable” thoughts… thoughts of decluttering from the world, thoughts of purging, thoughts that would require faith and bring ridicule. With this idea of living simply I entertained the thought of getting a box and filling it with the shallow things that clutter our homes, our minds and most dangerously our hearts. For my children it is the things that are simply mimics of what they see on the tv that deceive them into so called satisfaction, fullfilment and contentment and always leaving them empty and depriving them of beauty. I long for more… in my hearts attempt to grasp simplicity I hope to rediscover beauty. I desire for my children to always know what beauty is, what it feels like, what it looks like, what it smells like and in that also know what things are simply mimics, shallow and ugly. I don’t just want to talk about His beauty with my children and watch them play in the mediocrity of what the world calls beautiful and fullfilling… no I want to talk to them of His beauty and watch them experience and explore it in it’s truth finding contentment and complete satisfaction from with in it. I don’t desire to live a radical life by living simply, I desire to live a simple life and to some it will appear radical.

 I am not sure what this simple life looks like yet… I am anxious to see what it looks like for us. I know it looks differently for everyone.  May the Lord continue to guide us along this path, shed His light of truth and beauty to live a simple life for His glory alone.

JOYfully in Him,


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Superman and Expresso left this afternoon to go on a strictly 6 yr and older male camping trip. We have been preparing for it all day. Little T-Rex was a little hurt that he could not go but not to worry I have lots planned for us!! I am so enjoying and looking forward to spending some GOOD one on one time with him. It is amazing how different he is when it is just him. He just beams and I am able to see him more clearly. He doesn’t have to fight for attention. We are both sitting under a fort we made watching Dinosaur (his pick) and eating brownies. Little Butterfly just laid down for the night. I am a little nervous to be home alone with out Expresso… it is the first night in a long long time.

I hope to continue my preperations for our new homeschooling year begining Tuesday after T-Rex falls asleep.  I am almost done. If you want to read more about my preperations check out my homeschool blog, Growing Minds of Wisdom. I am going to try to keep these two blogs seperate from eachother as much as possible. But as homeschooling is a BIG part of my life and journey I know that their paths will cross at times.

Well, I am typing on our new laptop!! Our other one sadly passed away but don’t cry though it will be missed we have been blessed with another to fit our needs. One of our needs is to beable to unload our camera and of course share them with friends and family. So there will be pictures coming soon.

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His will…

“My Father, if it be possible let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”


Sometimes in life God hands you difficult and even painful situations that you feel incapable of handling and you try to pray it away only focusing on yourself and your own desires. As hard as it is we have to remember that we can not see the big picture and the plan that He has for our lives.

Today, I sit and wait for Him to reveal His plan for my life and I pray for myself to have a heart like Jesus… not my will Lord… but yours be done.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16

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My mind is in overload as I reserve this week for total preperation of the coming school year which will begin for us on Aug. 6. I can not wait to get started! I have so many ideas spinning around in my head and wonderful expectations for this new year. I am going to be honest, homeschooling is not easy and I have struggled emensly with my Superman over the years and he is only 6! almost 7. I know now that we jumped in the water a little to early.

I was actually planning on starting today but decided to give us all a week to prepare our minds for the change. I have my Home Management binder sitting on the floor to re-do this morning. It is such a mess. I am working on this week adjusting my schedules and routines to Butterfly’s new sleep and eating routine, creating Superman a sort of behavior point system, I am not sure how this is going to work or even if it is but we are going to try it. Re-arranging their chore charts and making a new system for it. Deciding on the amount of tv consumption that we will devour each day and the amount of books that we will consume. Also, I still have science curriculi to decide on and copybooks, latin and a few other supplies to purchase before we can get started. (by the way if you want to “hear” more about our homeschool journey I have a homeschool blog that you can visit: Growing Minds of Wisdom)

I have the desire to soak this year in prayer and to be more of an encouraging teacher full of energy and enthusiasm for their growing minds. I want them to be inspired and to not only enjoy the wonderful journey of learning but also to yearn for more knowledge and to begin to understand how everything revolves around Christ even math.  I am really going to work on exciting their minds  to the joy of reading and being read to. I have to force my T-Rex to read with me and bribe Superman to read it hurts my passion for the experience of getting lost in a good book and understanding and getting to know God closer through His book. I enjoy growing and I want my children to enjoy growing to even when it is painful and yes sometimes boring, Superman’s favorite word at the moment. Boring everything is boring except video games, select movies and wrestling with daddy.

There is so much more in this head of mine that is churning… maybe I will share more later. Right now I should go work on my binder before all of my Littles awaken into the gift of another day. Enjoy!

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  She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

~ Proverbs 31:26

I just finished reading the Mommy Manual by Barbara Curtis. It was a very refreshing read and has left many impressions on my own thoughts and some indentions in my decisions. I enjoyed her ideas and personal lessons learned through experiences of motherhood. Having young children she helped me to think of things from their perspective and that for me has helped in many areas where I may have become angry or irritated. I think the thing I enjoyed most is the fact that she is real, a real mommy whom I can relate to and that is encouraging. All real mommies should pick up this book for a refreshing and thought provoking read. It is not all new stuff but some of it is and the repeated stuff is always good to hear again.

Expresso and I are challenging ourselves to handle parenting situations more seriously and with a deeper perspective to the eternal effects and reflections that they have on not only our children but that of the coming generations, ourselves, others around us and the Lord. We have been slacking. I LOVE my children but I wonder sometimes if they KNOW that I LOVE them. I know that they know I love them but I want them to KNOW that I LOVE them. I want to share the LOVE of Christ with them, I want to daily give them a glimpse of His glory and goodness, I want Christ to be real to them and I don’t want to hinder their growing relationship with the Lord in anyway. My goals in this challenge are to completely rely on the Lord to lead me in all of my decisions that I make concerning my children and to guide them daily in His righteousness through mainly my example and love for the Lord and in my discipline, correction, training and love for them.  


Lord our Rock and Redeemer, guide us all in our loving attempts to raise our children in Your holy righteousness. May we all have the teaching of kindness on our lips… a deep perspective of the eternal consequences that all of our decisions have and may our love for You grow and reflect like rays of sunlight onto the hearts of our little children… who walk so closely behind us… amen.

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