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I have a precious friend, well actually 2 precious friends who have little ones only a year or so apart. One of them has 3 under 3 and the other has 4 under 5 and I can only imagine how easily it is for them and all those mothers out there in this same kind of blessed situation to miss loving the little years. Loving the little years? How is that even possible between all of the diaper changes, potty accidents, laundry, nursing, feeding and cleaning that happens all day long every day… how do you keep perspective with out an afternoon quiet time, adequate sleep, a decent meal, and adult conversation. My children are all nicely spaced out about 3 years which makes it a little easier for me to keep perspective… I have a 10 year old who is capable of being a third hand for me but there are still those days when I can even miss loving the little years of my little ones who are 1 and 4 and not to miss the little in my big kids either.

As a mother, I am an ambassador of the kingdom of God, working from the inside out. I must keep the perspective of the eternal weights of my calling, of being a missionary in my home that will affect eternity. A few months ago I read a book called Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic, a motherhood gem.

I love how she shares her personal experiences with her down to earth honesty carefully balanced with a deeply eternal perspective. She will have you laughing and thinking seriously about what it means to love the little years, more than what you think. This is a must read for all mothers and even grandmothers 😉

Want a little taste of Rachel’s writing? You can read her thoughts on Motherhood a Mission Field and Motherhood is a Calling or visit Femina where she blogs with her mother, sister, and sister in law!

JOYfully in Him,

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After a lot of deep study into my own heart as a CM homeschooling mother and a lot of consideration of my children’s hearts, minds and ages… I have with each decision soaked in prayer come to some final products in our curriculum. Here is what we will be using this year for each area of study… for 3rd grade

Math… I decided to go with Math on the Level for my living, breathing math curriculum. (I am still waiting for the time to dig into this curriculum)

History… this one was hard, I was going to use Christine Miller’sAll Through the Ages but after getting my hands on it and flipping through the pages felt overwhelmed by it’s simplicity(it is an amazing history resource and would recomend it, just not for us). I needed more… well actually my husband needed more structure and an overall plan (does that make sense?). He is taking over history this year and wanted something a little more guided so we decided to use Veritas Press New Testament, Greece and Rome Series using a lot of living books and excluding most of the workpages and tests. We will, as of right now anyway, be following this history until the end, which I love knowing!

Science… we will continue to use 106 Days of Creation from the Simply Charlotte Mason site aside Considering God’s Creation for our Human Body study and then we will use Adventures with Atoms and Molecules for a gentle fun intro to chemistry. We will also be studying nutrition along side our Human Body study as we make changes in our diet around here using a lot of good living books! I will continue to read my book, What the Bible says About Healthy Living, and get many more.

Nature Study… Handbook of Nature Study along with many other study guides. Haven’t decided exactly what we will be studying this year through our nature study. We will definetly be using our notebooks more this year and having at least once a week nature walks. I ordered the The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady which I can’t wait to get in for me, Mother Culture :0).

GrammarLanguage Lessons for the Very Young from Queens Homeschool. This is such a beautiful and gentle intro into grammar. I was captivated by its simplicity and beauty and knew Superman would enjoy it and not be frustrated with the material. I am hoping he will consume this and move quickly into the next book.

Spelling… We will continue using Spelling Wisdom from SCM’s site. I strongly agree with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy on spelling and love Spelling Wisdom.

Writing… Superman will continue using Classically Cursive.

Artist Study… John James Audubon, Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Gainborough, Henry Rousseau and Rembrandt. In that order but not sure of details yet.

Composer Study… Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Johann Pachebel, Strauss and Handel… in that order but could do something like this instead…. study… Ballet and then Tchaikovsky, Opera and then Wagner and then Orchestra and then Handel.

Hymn Study… Amazing Grace, Take my Life and Let it Be, Joy to the World, Away in a Manger, Trust and Obey, To God be the Glory. Each evening and any chances we get we will be learning these hymns along side daddy learning them on his guitar (hopefully, I haven’t really talked to him about that part).

ExtraExplode the Code finish book 4, start 4 1/2 if needed and then book 5. He really enjoys these books and so we will continue.

Independent Bible Study… God’s Promises: Old Testament Lessons for Young Readers by Explorer Bible Study, he could move on but we will finish the one we have first.

I do not have my liturature list written out yet to share for this year but hopefully will get that done soon. I am very excited about all of our decisions this year and can’t wait for August 31st… we will also be incorporating lapbooks and poetry and other adventures along our daily journey.

JOYfully in Him,


*I must praise God for His provision in providing the exact amount of money needed for everything needed for this year, what a blessing He bestowed upon us and so undeserved.

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  She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

~ Proverbs 31:26

I just finished reading the Mommy Manual by Barbara Curtis. It was a very refreshing read and has left many impressions on my own thoughts and some indentions in my decisions. I enjoyed her ideas and personal lessons learned through experiences of motherhood. Having young children she helped me to think of things from their perspective and that for me has helped in many areas where I may have become angry or irritated. I think the thing I enjoyed most is the fact that she is real, a real mommy whom I can relate to and that is encouraging. All real mommies should pick up this book for a refreshing and thought provoking read. It is not all new stuff but some of it is and the repeated stuff is always good to hear again.

Expresso and I are challenging ourselves to handle parenting situations more seriously and with a deeper perspective to the eternal effects and reflections that they have on not only our children but that of the coming generations, ourselves, others around us and the Lord. We have been slacking. I LOVE my children but I wonder sometimes if they KNOW that I LOVE them. I know that they know I love them but I want them to KNOW that I LOVE them. I want to share the LOVE of Christ with them, I want to daily give them a glimpse of His glory and goodness, I want Christ to be real to them and I don’t want to hinder their growing relationship with the Lord in anyway. My goals in this challenge are to completely rely on the Lord to lead me in all of my decisions that I make concerning my children and to guide them daily in His righteousness through mainly my example and love for the Lord and in my discipline, correction, training and love for them.  


Lord our Rock and Redeemer, guide us all in our loving attempts to raise our children in Your holy righteousness. May we all have the teaching of kindness on our lips… a deep perspective of the eternal consequences that all of our decisions have and may our love for You grow and reflect like rays of sunlight onto the hearts of our little children… who walk so closely behind us… amen.

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