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It’s another morning and in a few hours (or a few minutes) there are going to be little ones around your feet asking what’s for breakfast, a husband asking if his pants are clean, and a bathroom that is going to ask when are you going to clean me again… or something like that, right? Are you ready to serve this morning? Did you wake up proclaiming with Mary and Paul: Behold! I am a servant of Christ!

This morning I read a little in Galatians and as I read I was hit with the reality of being a servant of Christ. Paul always so boldly and proudly proclaims his servanthood, his slavery to Christ. I was instantly asking myself the question, do I… like Paul proclaim this title, with boldness, proudly? I remember Mary in Luke 1:38 proclaiming ot the angel, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Every morning this is to be my proclomation: Behold! I to am a servant of the Lord… a servant of the most high God, right here just as Mary was right where she was and Paul as right where he was. Every day we are privileged to wear the title servant of Christ but so often I think… we are not proud of this title, we want more than to serve Him humbly where we are, in our homes, with our children, supporting and submitting to our husbands… we believe the feminist lie of being worthy of so much more. Worthy of so much more? More of what? This is it! This is the high, holy and crucial calling or have we forgotten God, forgotton our worthiness comes not from seeking the approval of man but of God (Galatians 1:10) If we as women of God, women who unapologetically live by His word and  for His glory then our calling to stay home, like Martin Luther said is a sacred calling, to be a servant of Christ in our home… serving our husbands, our children… and our home is all together proclaiming boldly and proudly our call to service… to worship… to life, to joyful life found in and for Christ!

If we seek only to please man then we would not be a servant of Christ. Meditate on these things as you take on this glorious title of a humble servant today not ultimately for your husband, children or home but for Christ and for all His glory… because it really is: All About Him.

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Galatians 1:10


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Often our days can be something like a run on setence with no commas even hinting the breath of a pause, a break. We simply go from one thing to the next, surviving from minute to minute, task to task, and our minutes fade into hours upon hours until we just have a heaping mess of time spent passing God by and we have this verse tucked in the back of our hearts bringing us satisfaction, encouragement and an excuse that it’s ok to pass Him by for He himself said in Titus 2 that women are to be busy, keepers, working at home… so run on days is what we have been called to do!

But what does He entail in being busy… working… a keeper at home? To forsake a relationship with Him? Is that what He really desires in our lives of radical submission to Him, just to be busy keeping our home… forgetting the hidden person of our homes? I believe we are to be busy, busy, busy at home… but with commas and even periods, with hard stops. Breakings with Him, for in our business we must walk with Him and not by Him, finding Him regularly among the chaos of this joyful calling. We must stop. Stop time, and be still and know… for it is all to easy to forget.

How though in our busy days, our run on days of making beds and breakfast, setting and clearing the table, washing and putting away dishes, wiping counters and baking, washing, folding and dispersing clothes pencils and papers, paints and crayons, dirty floors, crushed crackers and babies and animals all spread through out the house as well as bathrooms to clean and doctors appointments and all of the other living words that fill up our life sentences? We must not find time but make time, stop time to be still.

Can I just encourage you to stop time today? Set times. Maybe 3 times today? Find a place, set the clock to stop and run to Him. Maybe you would like to join me in Walking Through the Valley of Vision? Whatever you decide to do today, don’t pass Him by…

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“In His presence is fullness of joy”


 If there is fullness of joy in His presence and we can not flee from His presence as Jonah tried in vain in Jonah 1:3 then should we not be filled in every gift given undeserving moment?  Jonah only thought he fled from the Lord’s presence by running to Tarshish and eventually into the belly of the big fish but even there He dwells for “If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall lead me.” Psalm 139:9-10 Even there in the midst of the sea, in the depths of a very big fish Jonah found himself fleeing not away from His presence but even more so into Him. Isn’t this us? I know it’s me.

If I know I can not flee from His presence then why do I try? And if I know, if I know that there is a treasure of fullness of joy found in knowing His presence then why would I want to flee? I need a holy vision of these moments I trek everyday… a holy vision of Him in the Jonah moments. You see we can not flee from His presence, but we can ignore His presence because like Jonah we think we know better than God, we know how to make this moment better or feeling like we deserve something better. It isn’t until we realize that out of chaos He brings order and peace, out of darkness He brings light… out of pain He brings joy that we see with faith and trust His goodness in every moment being a gift of grace even in the daily duties of everyday life we can find delight and be filled.  

I am learning… learning to find Him in the mundane, the chaos, the darkness, the pain and yes even the beauty of moments that I can so easily give glory to the gift and not the Giver…

Little House on the Prairie birthday celebrations… 

Prairie Birthday girl…

Park Days: swinging to sleep  

Swing Smiles!

More Swinging Smiles…

A boy and his skateboard…

Family yard days…

redeeming love

Vision Forum, renewing the family for the Kingdom

quiet mornings

the Incomparable Christ, a program of Nancy Leigh DeMoss

hawks, a continual remind of His presence

faith awaiting test results

early morning baby smiles

coffee brewing

middle of the night severe thunderstorms; faith in the shadow of clouds

late starts

Tuesday night bible studies

blocks colored with memories

 a 3 band of brothers singing the Psalms at 11:22 after bible study

friends, of the stuffed kind

6 hours waiting for doctors, for results, for God

daddy and baby watering the garden

Little House ont eh Prairie nights

packing suitcases for a family trip with Nana


a morning begun right

morning chores

right side up hearts for God

rubber bands, reminders of words

poisonous rubber snakes

 among chaos, He is peace

that it’s all about Him

feelings are often liars and His always truth

baby grunts

quiet mornings spent snuggling with baby Josai

chilly May days

morning worship

hymns, heart tuners

guitar harmony, heart harmony between father and son

false alarm ER visits, a reminder that life is not an emergency

stregnth found only in weakness

an unchanging God in a constantly changing world

an afternoon shopping with my Kai

grace at the end of an imperfect day

lessons learned the hard way 

Oh, the JOY-filling of counting into His presence! Praise God for this journey with Ann.

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