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My fear of loosing count or rather of forgetting to count… of loosing time, of ignoring the gifts and turning away from the Giver has come to pass. I feel a sense of grief for all those moments I have loss in the dark abyss of time, never to be experienced again… of the opportunity to experience more of Him. I long to truly see His extraordinary love for me through the ordinary of everyday moments… I look back and try to to count again on this Monday…

18. my Sunday miracles
19. moleskine memory
20. bottled water
21. pinapples ripe
22. kiwi’s, skin and all
23. Paul’s letter to the Colossians
24. Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, their example of “gospel living”
25.  laundry, my housework constant thorn in my side
26. woodwick candles
27. Jesus words, eternal words
28. light in the dark
29. sweet time spent in prayer
30. little boy hair cuts, free at home
31. humbled moments
32. blanket time
33. 6 year olds who can fold their own clothes
34. ladybug boardgames shared between siblings
35. worm counters
36. rain
37. honest, humbled words from a friend
38. conviction that comes with power
39. missions
40. 3 miracles expected in the same month
41. Selah, worship in the quiet
42. preparing dinner for my family
43. grace in parenting
44. fruit in 10 year olds
45. progress through the tears of reading first words
46. redeeming love

Oh the sweet pleasures of remembering… counting with Ann and others today…


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My Sunday Miracle

Every Sunday, I witness a miracle.

It starts on Monday, usually but every week is different. He opens his book, The Book where the lesson begins… the lessons of faith. He spends the entire week if life and ministry allows, some weeks like this one… 2 days maybe, soaking up the words, the mysteries, the truths, the glories and revelations of God. I know he is back there in deep meditation and study, I laugh and sometimes refer to it as his dungeon.

He comes out usually just to eat… or to just breathe in family for a bit and retreats back.

Sunday comes, I ask what he’s going to teach and he gives me the text and a quick overview as we journey ourway to worship.

As we sit, all facing the preacher in a humble living room… he sits facing 6 or so families and 4 plus singles ready to relay the lesson, the message. It is then that I experience the miracle, it is here that His work breaks open in rays forth from a broken clay pot before our very eyes. He begins…opening words. I see the Spirit take hold of a man… and wring him out pouring words of grace, words of truth, words of power upon His people… and conviction falls on a place, on hearts. It is the supernatural grace upon a man of limited understanding by nature given understanding and words…

I am always amazed to watch so intimately this relationship… and so blessed to experience it first hand.

Praise God! Praying you experience your own Sunday miracle 😉


JOYfully in Him,


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Our Reality

We are natually habitual creatures, right? My life is a woven mess of habits, mostly bad ones. I have a habit of sleeping in, of waiting till the last possible minute to do things, of not calling people, of not memorizing the word, of not speaking with kindness, of speaking to quickly but I would say that my worst habit that I have never thought of as a habit until this morning… is ignoring the spiritual world.

It has been a painful morning, confined to my bed with back, head and just all around body aches and a hard to swallow sore throat. It is a difficult thing to be quarantined from your family but it has given me much time to ponder the hard truths of God, of this spiritual journey. While reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer I was struck hard by this sentence…

“We must break the evil habit of ignoring the spiritual.”

Evil habit? Ignoring the spiritual? I don’t do that… do I?

Maybe I do. I have honestly never given it much thought. I know that I have longed to live a life in light of eternity… prayed with desperation for Him to stamp eternity on my eyeballs. That the invisible world, the unseen reality would be more of a reality than the visible, the seen. A habit of thought though? I guess it is, I repent.

“We habitually think of the visible world as real and doubt the reality of any other.”

Tozer, again. This is something to think about… something to transform, to replace. I was ignorant of it’s presence in my life, but now I know, now I see… or do I? That is the question deep within, do I see? Can I see with these eyes that which is unseen! Maybe not with these fleshly eyes of tissue and design but with soul eyes that lie inward.


I read… searching, hoping for the answer. none. I have been left, abandoned to the answer my soul longs to hear and understand. How do I make it a habit to be other-worldly? Tozer doesn’t have my answer…

There is only One who holds this precious gem of my heart, it is the Reality Himself. There is only a few places that I, that we can go to find it… in the refuge of His word and humbled on our knees in the sanctuary of prayer. I do not think there is a quick, easy answer to making this a habit of thought other than making it a woven habit of a life…

Weaving daily a habit of the spiritual world, that is not somewhere off in the future but here, now in a parallel existence. It is found only as we make the little habits of knowing Him, of finding Him to be our reality, our only reality because with out Him none of this even exists… it is all an illusion with out the reality of Him.

Let our souls meditate on this… on all of this being but a shadow of His reality… of realizing our world, our visible is what is actually less of a reality… it is but a vapor ticking into eternity, the ultimate reality.

Stop ignoring the spiritual, embrace it with new habits this year. Fill this earthly kingdom with that of the spiritual kingdom, our habits expressing daily that we don’t belong here, that here is not our reality, that the longings of our hearts are for home. Let us “taste and see” by daily experiencing God, as we do a spouse, a friend or loved one, for He is just as real. 

Pursue Him this year…

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” Colossians 3: 2 “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good!” Psalm 34: 8


JOYfully in Him,

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I am just learning how to slow time by unwrapping His gifts… I am on a journey to unveiling the sacred in the ordinary. I fear I will miss some, slipping into the dark abyss of my shallow, short memory… but I am pushing past the fear to the joy of thanks giving.  I have always know that time is a gift, a precous gift that He so graciously gives us each day but I have struggled in knowing just how to savor it and use it wisely. Never did I expect the anwser to be so simple, give thanks. I do however find myself searching, digging in the moment and sometimes frantically for His gifts…for I know them not to exist until I give thanks, it is like a miracle. To make the invisible… visible… but it is an illusion for you see, for I am seeing that the invisible has been there all the while… I just didn’t have eyes to see it. I am still learning. And I am rather slow. But it is a journey, however fast or slow and it’s mine.

2011, I have resolved to capture the gifts that continue to appear miraculously before me in each moment and learn through giving thanks, as Jesus did to worship the Giver in every breath. It is a new year, fresh and I have a feeling… a revelution is sweeping across the numbness of my heart…

1… below 70 degree breezes

2… quiet time alone with God

3… a revived visual journal

4… worshiping Him

5… capturing time well spent in strategy with knights and queens and little pawns

6… eating the living soul food

7… sweet early morning baby smiles

8… first light pouring over the shadows of night

9… morning boy cowlicks

10… delicious baby squeals and grunts

11….  little chess players

12… backwards numbers, learning to turn them around

13…. crispy new moleskine journals to start off the new year right, by writing it all down

14… reading through the Bible planfor  Shirkers and Slackers 

15… $36.95 well spent on love, on my love

16… a dare to love

17… a renewed spirit of bible memory

I am praying for this journey to draw me ever deeper into His presence… I am counting with Ann and many others today…

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