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Wow, it has been a long day… a long blessed day! I very stratigically and meticulously scheduled out each day of our homeschool only to be dissapointed at the reality. The last 2 weeks have really challenged me. We have made some big changes in our curriulum choices this year that have made our days longer. We have gone from following mainly Charlotte Mason methods to strictly Classical Education methods which tend to be a little more strenuous and time consuming (for us). It is 3:07 right now as I type this and my 4th grader is still going at it, and we started at 8:00. For us that is a long day! When I scheduled out each day I also forgot I was going to have an infant who rules the day. I am making a few changes to our schedule and we will try to follow it on the “good” days, those being the days Josai decides to sleep when he is sleepy so we can devote our time to education, like today. Here was a glimpse into our day:

6:00 very reluctantly get our of bed (knowing I don’t have long to prepare my mind and heart for the day)
6:30 Josai wakes for the morning to eat and play
7:00 start breakfast
7:15 wake up the kids to start their morning routines
7:30 eat breakfast and read proverbs
8:03 morning worship (a few children’s songs w/ the guitar, work on our memory verse and then pray)
8:15 morning calendar board time
8:30 Eli starts his history on the computer through Veritas Press, I work with Kai on Horizons math and 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read and Amaris does her preschool bags. (I also get to do a little bit of laundry folding)
9:21 Josai is awake again to eat and play
9:28 snack time/break (10min) a little “reward” for morning school
9:46 Eli works on Science while Kai and Amaris work on preschool bags, Josai is in his swing
9:55 Josai is now getting fussy, Eli is still doing science
10:50 Josai is napping, Eli is now onto Spelling, I folded some laundry
11:00 we are now on Grammar while Kai and Amaris have quiet time in their rooms
11:30 Latin and copy work, K and A throw paper airplanes around, I clean a little and then start lunch
11:45 Eli practices his guitar
12:00 we eat lunch together
12:30 cleaned like mad woman while kids played outside for a little bit
1:30 Josai is up and daddy is on his way home
1:45 Eli starts his Saxon math cd and work while Amaris and Kai enter rest time

I pray that with time we can find a better routine for the days and finish earlier so that we have more time to “learn” through the joyful and delightful arts of everyday life. Tomorrow is our library day and a little more relaxed day with only a few subjects to tackle in the morning ;).


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 We had our first week of school last week, which was an exciting chaotic experience to say the least! Educating 3, really 2 and keeping the 3rd one busy and happy has proven to be quiet the challenge, not to mention taking care of and nurturing a 2 month old who refuses to go to sleep with out a fight. I have many improvements to make and I must discipliine myself to get up early each morning to prepare my mind and heart for the joyful battle ahead of me! Here is there first day of school pictures:

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Bible Study:

Still in Philippians with my beloved even though we have not been as consistent, not sure what chapter we are in thinking 3.

Memory Verse:

As a family we are working on John 13:34-35 and I am still working on  memorizing and continuing to meditate on Philippians1:21-24 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. If I am to live in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. Yet which I shall choose I cannot tell. I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better. But to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account.”

Husband Encouragement:

Here I am really going to be working on “in humility counting him more significant than myself and looking not only to my own interests (which is rather easy), but also to the interest of my hard working God fearing husband” (Phil. 2:3-4)

His birthday is tomorrow! I am going to make a special breakfast for him.

Train Them Up:

Loving them enough to be consistent and diligent in discipline and training.

Personal Goals:

To find daily my JOY not in things, not in how I feel, not in my self image, not in perfection, not in well behaved children, a happy husband or even as silly as it may seem in the weather but only ever in God through Christ.

Also I seek to be more consistent in praying alone and with my family.

New Habit of the Month:

Getting dessed each morning before I do anything, even get my coffee! I have always been a pj girl.

Must Do:

Make necessary changes to our homeschool day.


I am not sure! lol I am so consumed with school right now I can hardly think of anything else.


Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Bible Study… not sure what I am making yet.
Wednesday: Mil is taking us all out to eat for Rick’s birthday
Thursday: Sloppy Joes and Chips with Veges
Friday: ?
Saturday: Dinner with Family

Fun Things:

Celebrating Rick’s 30th  birthday

3 Things I am Thankful for…

Cooler mornings
An eager to learn 4th grader
An encouraging husband

That’s all the meandering for me today! Go visit Sarah for more.

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Sarah, in an attempt to get to know her blog friends better is asking the question, “What does your man do for a living and what’s the schedule like for him and your family??” I thought this would be fun to anwser here so that many of my blog friends could get to know us a little better 😉 The few of you!

My husband has been called into full time ministry, there is nothing else that he can do, yes there is plently that he can do and he has tried some of those but full time ministry is what He has called him to do. When I say full time ministry what I mean is wholehearted service and devotion in the work and joy of knowing God through prayer, meditation on His word for teaching and building up, ministering to the saints, preaching the good news to the lost and being a biblical husband and father… full time or 24/7. We believe that all believers are ministers where ever they are placed n God’s will and so we are all in a sense “full time” ministers. At this present moment my husband is serving God as a house church pastor to a small family of about 5 families (not including us) and a few singles who are zealous for the truth of the gospel ofJesus Christ. We, or He should I say, began this work about a year ago and we have been deeply impacted and encouraged to see all that He has done in us all through this covenant community of true gospel centered believers! We have all been through a lot together and by His grace have grown further in His love and closer to Christ, bringing new convictions and many life changes for the glory of God. It has truly been amazing and though organized church has it’s place in the kingdom of God we have seen so many benifits of this close knit family that we have never found in one before ( not to say they can not be found in them, this is our personal experience, so please don’t misunderstand me ;).

So anyway… what is his schedule and our schedule like? Typically he makes his own hours and is on call 24/7, which requires us to be completely in subjection to God’s direction for each moment. I will be honest this is extremely hard for me at times, I don’t particularly care for sudden change but have learned and am continuing to learn ( with some reluctance at times) to see each moment and every changed plan as a divine appointment or interruption.  A typical day he leaves us to study the word and meet with various people either to encourage in the faith or to prayerfully bring to the faith. Weekly we have a bible study on Tuesdays which he leads, Thursdays a mens prayer night or a night of preaching the gospel out in town, Sundays we have worship from 10:30-3:0oish and then usually through out the week we gather with brothers and sisters for fellowship. We are very busy but we love it!

I am amazed at how he can not only be an amazing godly husband and father but also pastor our little house church and reach out to so many who are wandering aimlessly in this life with out the hope of Christ. He is truly a man after God’s own heart and I am blessed to have been given him to love and support in this vapor. The Lord has been so faithful to always supply Rick with everything he needs for every situation He leads him to, sometimes the words to speak to a broken friend, sometimes the patience, wisdom and gentleness to handle a difficult situation and sometimes the faith to make a life changing decision…

So that is what my husband does! That is a little glimpse into our little vapor here in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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