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Well we are desperately trying to spend this week reflecting on the Hope of our salvation through the trials that come with change. This morning I pray for Him to fill me with the Joy of His Holy Spirit and draw me intimately close with my Saviour through constant prayer and praise. We are in the middle of what is known as Holy Week and I long to capture this opportunity to simply linger on the power and beauty of the gospel, to experience a little bit of His life, death and ressurection through daily liturgies and to prepare our hearts for resurection Sunday. Each morning we come close to listen to the story… the story of true love… let us linger and reflect deeply on the story…


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Tomorrow morning we begin a new journey in our home, for us it is not the norm but most household it is. My husband will be starting a new job (outside of our home), leaving each morning around 6:30 and returning around 5:00 each evening Monday through Friday. God was faithful to answer our prayers recently and so we rejoice greatly in His will.  I am begining to prepare my heart (first) for this change by prayer and complete surrender and reliance on Him and His grace alone and my mind (second) by altering my schedules and routines along with the daily little things that must change such as getting up early to send my huband off with a nice little breakfast and some prayer time, getting use to being more independent in my appointments and other outside the home errands.  I am excited as we begin this new journey together and pray over the future for us.

This has not been the norm for us, since 2004 my husband has been either a seminary student, intern at a church, a student preacher, youth minister or a full time house church minister. There have been times when he has worked part time outside the home but a full time outside the home job… not since 2003. The flexibility in our daily schedule is no longer available, and to be honest in some ways I am glad. I know that for me this is going to be a good change, hard at times but good in the process. I am praying for a slow and graceful transition. In God’s providence and goodness this change arrives on our “spring break” around here so that gives us a week to adjust in a more relaxed enviorment. He is so gracious!

This week we will just be enjoying some good books, good family time, adjustments to the new job, sewing, crafting and nature outings (weather permitting). We have a full schedule ahead of us though on our “week off” if there is such a thing.

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Soul Waiting

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.

Psalm 130:5-6

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How is it even possible that this beautiful little creature of mine turned 3 today… I can hardly grasp on quickly the time has gone from anticipating her coming to her blessed arrival and now her 3rd year with us. She is such a sweet and beautiful little girl, I just love being around her everyday! Each morning I am so blessed to be greeted by her smiling little face and precious joyous spirit, yes she is “gasp” a morning person… and I am learning from her to be more of one to ;).

Today was her special day… and we had a blast!

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