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The Raising of Lazarus by Rembrandt

We are having a delightful time getting to know… 

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn


…of course we just know him as Rembrandt.
This morning we studied the picture  above and I was so pleasantly surprised and enjoyed listening to Eli’s thoughts on Rembrandt’s interpretation. He even found his own opinion to disagree on how Rembrandt interpreted it and gave his own thoughts on how he saw it. For us, it is progress and I so enjoyed our picture study time. We then began to learn a little about the man himself and that as well was fascinating and intriguing to us both.


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It has been a blessed and productive 2 weeks back to school although I admit that I could do better ;).  As always, I look back and see my failures but I recognize the blessings and His strength this week. I found the strength in Him to rise early each morning seeking His face and the strength just to get through each day and keep up with my laundry and making beds and well prepared dinners! Praise God! Our schedule worked out near perfectly but I will be making just a few changes, I have been encouraged by the eargerness in my 3 little ones to complete their chores each day, it has brought a smile to my face as a mother. I love seeing them working together to complete their chores and to hear their willingness. It is also nice  to look at the table after lunch and see it cleared, wiped and swept under :). Superman has been enjoying all of his studies and especially his time each morning reading his bible.

I really want to work on getting things a little more in line with the schedule so that we can complete everything I desire to do in each day, especially family times. It is easy to get behind and then have to eliminate the more causual delightful learning blocks. So I will be working on getting myself to follow the time slots more rigidly when it is possible so that we can do those things. My favorite time of the day is our afternoon reading which has been so enjoyable for us all! Butterfly has been doing beautifully with her 30 minute blanket time, so proud of her and I have been so proud of T-Rex and her capabilities to play together peacefully.

Looking forward to next week… here are a few of my favorite moments:

It appears that our Spice has become Eli’s reading partner! Praying this week goes well.

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Join me and many other women around the world in Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ new series: Adding to Your Faith. I don’t know about you but I long for a fresh start in my faith. What a joyful find this morning where she will be teaching on what the Lord has been teaching  her in 2 Peter 1 and she encourages us to enrich our spiritual lives with a Monthly Memory Plan to go along with it. I am excited about this series. I know that sometimes it is hard for us busy wives, mothers and homekeepers to find time to be in the word but that is no excuse… we must make the time. This is just one way that we can add to our faith in just 25 minutes (give or take) a day not in place of personal bible reading but along side it. I challenge you to begin…  

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It is January 4th our official starting back date after the holidays! I am excited to get back to our normal routine. Sat down yesterday and enthusiastically planned a new daily block schedule for the family although I know that as it is with life it must already be tweaked for this day because not written in my schedule is lifes schedule of calling the doctor for my allergy plagued T-Rex, quick run to the pet store for crickets for a starving Beardie along with a new heat light (because a certain cat knocked it down yesterday and broke it), then a run to Walmart for cat litter, toothpaste and medicine called in by my doctor for my morning night sickness… so I learn once again to plan with a willingness to change and mold to life; to His plans for the day. Here is our current Family Block Schedule…

Time Momma Eli Kai Amaris Daddy
5:30 Up & Dressed, straighten bathroom, coffee, early morning breakfast, bible reading, blog post and home management (make bed, straighten room, start laundry, clean boys bathroom and any leftovers from night before.)        
7:30 Up & Dressed, bible reading      
7:45 Assisting littles with chores Journal, feed Fred, make bed, put Pj’s away, empty dishwasher, light candles. Up & DressedFeed cats, make bed, Pjs away, sweep kitchen, Up & DressedMake bed, water the cats, pjs away, wipe cabinets.  
8:00 Prepare breakfast, enjoy an encouraging morning breakfast around the table with prayer, catechism and sharing goals for the day. Set table, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (clear, wipe and sweep up under table) Set table, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (same as Eli) Breakfast helper, eat and work on manners, be encouraged, eat and after breakfast chores (fill dishwasher with momma) Lead family breakfast discussion.
8:30 Morning Worship led by Daddy: praise, devotion, memory work and prayer.(Any leftover quick ups before starting school)
9:00 Begin morning time with Kai and Amaris: reading and sharing a word 😉 History with Daddy Morning Time with Momma! Morning Time with Momma! History with Eli
9:30 Begin school with Eli and workboxes with Kai and Amaris. School Time Workboxes Workboxes  Ministry & Study
11:00 Outside Nature Tales & Read Aloud: quick straighten up while kids run outside for some free play, then an observation study and RA.
11:45 Begin Lunch Time & Eat w/ Family Ways, then after lunch chores: clear table, fill dishwasher, sweep under table and wipe table along with a quick pick up! Quiet TimeEat & Family Ways

Chores: choose

12:30 Quiet Reading time*/blanket time (30 minutes) and then Family Activity
1:30 30 minutes free time to work on home management and projects. Computer Time Rest Time             REST
2:00 Bible Study Bible Study REST
2:30  Cleaning Routine Guitar & Reading Guitar & Reading
3:30 Wii or other Vgame time
4:00 Sewing or Other Project with Sermon Free Time to Play under supervision  
5:00 Begin Dinner Prep with little Helpers  Daddy time and Helpers  
6:00 Family Dinner Time and then Table Chores
7:00 Poet RA and Amaris RA Pjs, teeth brushing, clean rooms and then quiet time. Poet RA and Boys RA
8:00 Begin preparing for tomorrow! Moonlight reading…Lights out!  
9:00 Personal evening time: bible reading, quiet time with hubby in prayer and communion.    


We will be following this when we are able, on our less than normal day ;).

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So, as always Anne expresses my thoughts better than I ever could and encourages my like no one else… if you have had fears of not seeing a real change in the new year there are 5 Steps you need to meditate on before you allow those fears to over take you and your new year’s resolutions!

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We can trust an unknown future to a known God.

Corrie Ten Boom

We may not know what 2010 has awaiting us but we do know the God that will walk withus through it.

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