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A Way of Life

Have you thought much about the grace of God lately? If you have not I encourage you to dig deep into His well of abundant grace that has been poured over your life. Take a moment to simply reflect on how His hands have covered you and held you up over the years and through the trials and valleys of suffering.

You may be in one of those trials or valleys right now, turn to the Lord, humble yourself and “with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that you may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16.

Think on this quote: “We are utterly dependent on God’s grace to live the Christian life.” Do you find this statement to be true? Are you living a constant life of brokeness and humbleness before the Lord, being concious of your vital need of His power to bring you through each day? I know that so many days I waste hours because of my attitude of independence apart from the power of God, at the end of those day I am exhausted and beaten down. Oh if I would only keep my eyes on the amazinggrace of God…

“Grace is a dynamic force that does more than affect our standing with God by crediting us with righteousness. Grace affects our experience as well… Grace is a way of life.” Larry Richards

I would be lost in the wilderness with out this dynamic force working in my life.


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“What would happen if God’s people believed His promises and laid hold on Him in prayer, believing Him for the impossible-for reconciliation of broken marriages, for the salvation of unbelieving friends and relatives, for spiritual transformation of wayward children, for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit in genuine revival? We might see God release from heaven the greatest awakening our world has ever known.”  Biblical Womanhood in the Home (emphasis added)

I wonder what would happen if we truly did believe… with our hearts and with our faith rather than with our eyes and understanding. I know it is hard, believe me I know. It is not always easy to simply believe but in all of my experiences with God He has taught me that in everything, everthing whether it be the most devasting situation you can imagine for your life or the simpliest everyday situation He is faithful and keeps His promises. Maybe not how I wanted Him to or in my quick timing but He is always faithful, faithful if I will but wait on Him and put my trust in Him. It takes me resting simply in the truth that His will for my life is good and that He knows what is best for me. Do I believe God to be a good God, a good Father? If I did then everything in my life is good whether it feels good or not, it is good. I can look back on the most devasting place in my life and see that through it God was teaching me something, conforming me closer to His image, bringing about life even though it may have felt like death at times, revealing to me more of His glory, pruning His child’s heart, working His power through me and showing me a more clear picture of Christ, drawing me closer to the cross… stripping my dependencies on myself away layer by layer, sometimes slowly and painfully.

Oh, let us just believe in His promises, rest in His will for our life embracing it for what it is and making ourselves available to be His servant.

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