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“The more we acquaint ourselves with that which is truly great and beautiful, the more we will dislike and turn away from that which is shallow and ugly.” Betty Carlson in the The Gift of Music

Oh how this applies to all of life…


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I have an idea… nothing dramatic.

Today while I was sitting at my table in utter confusion and in an overwhelmed state as to what I should do first on my long list of needed things to get done this afternoon I decided to spontaneously go for a walk with my oldest boy Superman. We quickly headed out on bike and on foot, I needed some fresh air, some room to breath and think. With each step I prayed… guide me Lord, shine your light of truth and beauty before me… as a mother, a wife and a homekeeper… it was so good to be alone with Him for a little while. He began to direct my thoughts through the desires of my heart and here is what I felt and heard Him teaching me: my idea, to live simply, ordinary yet an abundantly beautiful life. In my desire to live this kind of life, one with out distraction I began to reach into the “unthinkable” thoughts… thoughts of decluttering from the world, thoughts of purging, thoughts that would require faith and bring ridicule. With this idea of living simply I entertained the thought of getting a box and filling it with the shallow things that clutter our homes, our minds and most dangerously our hearts. For my children it is the things that are simply mimics of what they see on the tv that deceive them into so called satisfaction, fullfilment and contentment and always leaving them empty and depriving them of beauty. I long for more… in my hearts attempt to grasp simplicity I hope to rediscover beauty. I desire for my children to always know what beauty is, what it feels like, what it looks like, what it smells like and in that also know what things are simply mimics, shallow and ugly. I don’t just want to talk about His beauty with my children and watch them play in the mediocrity of what the world calls beautiful and fullfilling… no I want to talk to them of His beauty and watch them experience and explore it in it’s truth finding contentment and complete satisfaction from with in it. I don’t desire to live a radical life by living simply, I desire to live a simple life and to some it will appear radical.

 I am not sure what this simple life looks like yet… I am anxious to see what it looks like for us. I know it looks differently for everyone.  May the Lord continue to guide us along this path, shed His light of truth and beauty to live a simple life for His glory alone.

JOYfully in Him,


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